Project Litter Gitter Initial Data

Earlier this summer, Freshwater Land Trust officially launched Project Litter Gitter. Through the EPA’s Trash-Free Waters grant, awarded to Freshwater Land Trust and partners, there are six litter gitter devices in waterways across four municipalities:  one each in Bessemer, Homewood, and Vestavia Hills and three in Birmingham. After being deployed for about two months, we are pleased to…

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Five new litter gitters installed across four cities

Freshwater Land Trust is excited to officially launch Project Litter Gitter and install five new litter gitter devices in conjunction with the EPA’s Trash-Free Waters grant, recently awarded to Freshwater Land Trust and partners. The five new devices are located across four municipalities: one each in Bessemer, Homewood, and Vestavia Hills and two in Birmingham.…

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Geocaching: A Real-Life, Backyard Treasure Hunt

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are encouraging everyone to get outside as much as safely possible. If you are looking for new outdoor activity to try, consider geocaching! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game, enjoyed by people all around the world. Participants use GPS-enabled devices (like smartphones) to follow coordinates to a hidden “geocache.”…

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UPCOMING: Freshwater Land Trust Half Marathon & 5k on Saturday, April 24th