Freshwater Land Trust manages over 10,000 acres of land, making us one of the largest owners of private nature preserves in Alabama.  As an accredited land trust by the Land Trust Alliance, we monitor our properties annually and actively manage our land to sustain healthy rivers, forests, and wildlife habitats.

Stewardship Overview

Our stewardship works falls into three broad categories:

  • Monitoring and managing our land, using a variety of management techniques
  • Protecting endangered species and wildlife habitat through land acquisition and restoration
  • Providing public access to our conservation land whenever possible, through places like Wildwood Preserve and guided hikes and tours

Bioblitz Events

Our stewardship staff occasionally hosts bioblitz events on different properties. A bioblitz is an organized event during which participants find and identify as many plant, animal, and fungi species as possible within a given area and time frame in order to catalog that property’s biodiversity. Typically, a bioblitz is a 24-hour event and invites biologists, professors, educators, citizen scientists, and the general public to participate. It often serves as an educational experience for those involved. For our bioblitz events, participants use the free iNaturalist app to log observations.

Read about our Blue Springs Bioblitz in May 2021.