New Complete Street in Titusville

There's a new buffered bike lane in the Titusville neighborhood! Over the course of 12 hours, 1st Avenue South was transformed. Thank you to AARP for funding this exciting project and volunteers for making it a reality!

New Conservation Easement Protects Endangered Watercress Darter in Birmingham

FLT has closed on a 26.1-acre conservation easement in the Powderly neighborhood, home to the watercress darter, thanks to landowner Emily Godsey and project partner Black Warrior Riverkeeper.

Innovative Alabama – A Report on Outdoor Recreational Opportunities in the State

FLT was excited to read Innovative Alabama, a report by the Hoover Institution prepared for the Alabama Innovation Commission. FLT would like to share excerpts from the report that directly address our mission and work.

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About Freshwater Land Trust

Freshwater Land Trust conserves, connects, and cares for land and water in Central Alabama, creating dynamic green spaces for future generations. In the simplest terms, we conserve land and build trails so that Alabama’s communities are healthier and happier.
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We do not inherit the land from our ancestors . . .
we borrow it from our children.

Native American Proverb

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