Red Rock Action Plan

The highly-anticipated Red Rock Action Plan is a 15-year strategic plan to develop 19-miles of new trails, ultimately creating a 36-mile loop around the Greater Birmingham Metropolitan Area. The plan identifies seven priority projects, that when combined with existing Red Rock Trails, will connect the Cities of Birmingham, Fairfield, Homewood, and Irondale.

Corridor A (Smithfield to Downtown) connects Smithfield, historically cut off by I-65, to downtown Birmingham. The corridor also goes through the historic Black Merchant District (4th Avenue) and connects downtown Birmingham to Legion Field.

Corridor B (20th Street) connects downtown Birmingham to Kiwanis Vulcan Trail and corrects vehicular and pedestrian safety issues.

Corridor C (Red Mountain Park to UAB) connects Red Mountain Park to Kiwanis Vulcan Trail and UAB. Additionally, it reconnects Titusville to downtown Birmingham.

Corridor D (High Ore Line to Valley Creek Rail-to-Trail) connects the existing High Ore Line Greenway via Fairfield and Midfield to the Valley Creek Rail-to-Trail and will connect to Miles College via a trail spur.

Corridor E (Ruffner Mountain Rail Trail) connects downtown Birmingham and Woodlawn to Ruffner Mountain.

Corridor F (Irondale to Jemison) connects Ruffner Mountain to Jemison Park via a new trail in development along Shades Creek.

Corridor G (Red Mountain to Shades Creek) connects Red Mountain Park to Shades Creek and the Jemison Greenway.


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New Red Rock Trail System Signage

Freshwater Land Trust (FLT) is rolling out new signage for the Red Rock Trail System® (RRTS) to better guide and inform trail users. Coming soon, you will see four different types of signs along the trails:

  • Trailhead and Map Kiosk Sign: Features trail routes, amenity icons, and a map highlighting off-road trails and bike lanes in each corridor. Maps show a one-mile boundary to provide scaling information. These signs also recognize large trail donors eligible for naming rights.
  • Blade Sign: Directs people to significant and recognizable destinations located off the trail. At this time, FLT is working through eligible destinations and will provide further information about wayfinding signage at a later date.
  • Interpretive Sign: Shares information about local flora and fauna, healthy living tips, community initiatives, and local history. Suggestions for historical Interpretive Signs must be submitted to Freshwater Land Trust for approval.
  • Blaze Sign: Provides easily recognizable signage throughout established trails, featuring the trail corridor’s signature color and mile markers along the trail. These signs provide “breadcrumbs” for trail users, while also serving as a locating tool in case of emergency.

For more information about trail signage, please contact Freshwater Land Trust.