The Shades Creek Greenway is a proposed City of Birmingham trail project that will connect residents of east Birmingham to the growing Red Rock Trail System. The planned asphalt trail will run parallel to Shades Creek, connecting the City of Mountain Brook’s popular Irondale Furnace Trail to the City of Birmingham’s Flora Johnston Nature Preserve via a multi-use trail. Spearheaded by District 2 Councilor Hunter Williams, in collaboration with the Freshwater Land Trust, the Shades Creek Greenway promises to enhance connectivity and outdoor recreation opportunities for the community.

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Project Details

· Most of the corridor is flat and will run along the elevated creek bank.

· The project stretches between the Flora Johnston Nature Preserve Trailhead at Elder Street and Groover Drive/Shiloh Drive.

· From Groover Drive/Shiloh Drive, trail users can utilize the existing sidewalks along Stone River Road and Shiloh Drive to connect to the Irondale Furnace Greenway.

· The ADA compliant trail will allow walking, running, biking, and any non-motorized mobility device (scooters, skateboards, etc.).

· Community access points will be created to allow residents to easily access the new trail.

· Dogs must be leashed to use the trail.

· Like a city park, the trail will be open from dawn to dusk.

· Based on EMS Services feedback, emergency call boxes are not being used. Instead, there will be more frequent trail signage that depicts a user’s location to relay to EMS operators to better respond to trail emergency if one were to occur. This system is being rolled out across the Red Rock Trail network, at the request of EMS.

· Most of the trail corridor lies within land owned by the City of Birmingham.

· Neighborhood feedback will be solicited during the design process, and we will communicate ways to provide ideas and input when that process begins.

Use our interactive trail map to better understand the location of the proposed trail:

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Shades Creek Trail Study

As part of an APPLE Study (Advanced Planning, Programming, and Local Engineering) conducted by the Regional Planning Commission (RPC), the project team evaluated the feasibility of a trail and offered an initial design concept for a multi-use trail spanning about 1.27 miles along Shades Creek Greenway, from the Flora Johnston Trailhead to Groover Drive/Shiloh Drive. The site presents favorable conditions for constructing the trail and is currently used by nearby residents for recreational activities.

View the study here.

For questions, please call Freshwater Land Trust at (205) 417-2777.