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On December 8th, Freshwater Land Trust hosted a virtual Endangered Species “Tour” with expert speakers presenting on a variety of topics, especially focused on endangered and threatened species in Alabama. Click here to view the full schedule and speaker bios.

Many thanks to all the speakers and partners that made this possible! Special thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, CAWACO, Geological Survey of Alabama, and all of the Alabama Rivers and Streams Network partners.

We are pleased to share the recorded presentations from the Tour and a few other resources below. The presentations can also be viewed on FLT’s Vimeo channel.

Jenna King, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Presentation: Alabama At-risk Species, Listing Process


Morgan Brizendine, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Presentation: Alabama Snails and Mussels, Alabama Pearl Shell

Videos included in presentation:
Freshwater Mussel TV – Wavy-rayed Lampmussel (Lampsilis fasciola) mantle lure display
Conservation Connect: Mussels
Life Cycle of a Freshwater Mussel!
Snail Radula


Dr. Rebecca Bearden, Geological Survey of Alabama
Presentation: Threatened and Endangered Crayfish


Dr. Scot Duncan, Birmingham Southern College
Presentation: Climate change effects on the Southeast and its rivers


Dr. Bernie Kuhajda, Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute
Presentation: Watercress, Rush, Vemilion, Goldline, and Coal Darters and Cahaba Shiners

Supplemental paper: Guidelines for Propagation and Translocation for Freshwater Fish Conservation


Dylan Shaw, Alabama Power Company
Rollins Jolly, U. S. Forest Service
Presentation: Darters in the Bankhead National Forest


Charles Yeager, Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
Presentation: Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Threatened and Endangered Species


Dr. Pat O’Neil, Geological Survey of Alabama
SHUs, Alabama Rivers and Streams Network (ARSN), AL Waterways

View Saved: The Story of the Watercress Darter, a 2008 film by Ingrid Pfau through UAB Media Studies. Visit her website here.

Other websites:
Alabama Rivers and Streams Network
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Alabama
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service YouTube channel
Geological Survey of Alabama
Birmingham-Southern College
Scot Duncan
Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute
Alabama Power – Environmental Stewardship
U. S. Forest Service – Alabama
Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
Freshwater Land Trust

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