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On October 15th, Freshwater Land Trust (FLT) and the City of Pinson, in partnership with Birmingham-Southern College’s Southern Environmental Center (BSCSEC), finalized a property exchange involving the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve (TCNP).

Through this transaction, FLT gave 28 acres of property within TCNP to the City of Pinson. In exchange, FLT received the 34-acre “Dry Creek” property off Sweeney Hollow Road from the City of Pinson.

In recent years, BSCSEC, which operates TCNP, proposed to build a multi-use pavilion within TCNP to raise funds to run TCNP’s education center. FLT fully supports these efforts but is not equipped to take on the responsibilities that would come with the pavilion rental.

The City of Pinson, who is a significant financial supporter to the education center, has a vested interest in ensuring the continuation and success of the pavilion, the education center, and the management of TCNP. The City is also in a good position to provide the oversite and security needed as the pavilion is used as a rental facility.

In 2019, the City of Pinson acquired the 34-acre property of undeveloped bottomland floodplain off Sweeney Hollow Road to serve as a flood mitigation property and prevent future development that would increase flood hazards. FLT already holds over 80 acres of flood mitigation properties and is thus well-positioned to hold and manage a floodplain property. FLT has conserved over 400 additional acres in the City, so it will continue to be an important player in this environmentally rich area.

Much of the original FLT property was generously donated by the Akin family with the intent to conserve critical habitat, protect the natural beauty of the area, and provide educational opportunities to the public. The property exchange will honor the terms and intent of the Akin family.

Click here to read more about the TCNP pavilion project!

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
Darter Dash at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

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