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We are both excited and sad to share that Stewardship Director Jeffrey Drummond is leaving Freshwater Land Trust to accept a biologist position with U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Partners Program.

In the past three years, Jeffrey has gone above and beyond to mature and grow our stewardship program, from annual property monitoring to innovative, high-impact restoration work to regional partnership building.

Jeffrey was instrumental in opening Wildwood Preserve to the public, improving and extending endangered species habitat on Turkey Creek, reviving our Jefferson County Endangered Species Tour, stabilizing a Cahaba River streambank at a popular canoe launch, and restoring endangered species habitat at Roebuck Springs, among many other projects.

Additionally, Jeffrey established new protocols and systems for effectively monitoring and managing our properties, assisted in the acquisition of hundreds of new acres of land, and shared his expertise with dozens of groups, ranging from industry-level conferences to high school classrooms.

Perhaps most importantly, he invested time and energy in his relationships with co-workers, landowners, board members, and conservation professionals across our region.

Freshwater Land Trust is a stronger organization because of Jeffrey’s hard work and leadership.

We are happy to report that we will continue to work with Jeffrey on endangered species projects in his new role at U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

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