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Freshwater Land Trust is grateful to have strong volunteer support. The Cahaba Riverwalk Trail Initiative is one of 17 groups currently involved in our Adopt-a-Trail program, which supports our Red Rock Trail System.

Earlier this summer, this group, led by Ginny Brown, dedicated time and effort to address erosion at their adopted Cahaba Riverwalk (Grant’s Mill canoe launch). Volunteers installed water bars along the trail to prevent the formation of ruts and gulleys.

Sam McCoy, FLT’s Stewardship Director, said that water bars “reduce erosion by redirecting and slowing down the water. The water bars redirect the flow of water to go around the ends of the bar, so the water is flowing down the natural slope instead of flowing down the trail.”  He said that they also collect sediment that would otherwise wash away with the water.

Thanks to these dedicated volunteers, the water bars will help keep the trails smooth and even, ensuring a safer surface for pedestrians as they enjoy the trail. Thank you to the Cahaba Riverwalk Trail Initiative!

To get involved with FLT, click here to learn more about our Adopt-a-Trail program and see which trails are up for adoption.


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