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To support Jones Valley Trail Extension, give today or contact our office for more information.

Freshwater Land Trust is leading a campaign to raise $1,000,000 to build Jones Valley Trail Extension.

Running along 1st Avenue South, this highly-anticipated, multi-use trail will connect downtown Birmingham from Rotary Trail to Avondale’s 41st Street and make many future Red Rock Trail System connections possible.


Planned Route

Jones Valley Trail Extension is part of Red Rock Trail System, a planned 750-mile network of trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks in Jefferson County. Already, 120 trail miles are open to the public! Our vision is for every resident to have safe, convenient access to the outdoors where they can run, walk, bike, and play.

Give today and help us complete Jones Valley Trail Extension by June 2021.


February 2020 Press Release

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Freshwater Land Trust has announced plans to connect downtown Birmingham to Avondale’s 41st Street via an extended trail along 1st Avenue South, known as Jones Valley Trail Extension.

Running through the middle of Birmingham, Jones Valley Trail has grown in popularity as Greater Birmingham residents and tourists alike spend time in outdoor locations like Railroad Park, Rotary Trail, Sloss Furnaces, and the Pepper Place Market District. Commuters also frequent the existing trail, cycling, running, and walking between Birmingham’s eastern, western, and downtown communities.

Jones Valley Trail Extension will pick up at 32nd Street South and tie into 41st Street South, providing a safe, off-road trail for commuters and recreational users.

Freshwater Land Trust is fundraising for the trail’s construction and working with the City of Birmingham and landowners to complete design and construction documents. The land trust hopes to begin construction by the end of 2020 in order to open the trail ahead of the 2021 World Games.

“We are thrilled to move forward on this long anticipated project,” said Rusha Smith, Freshwater Land Trust’s Executive Director. “Outdoor amenities like Jones Valley Trail are critical for connecting our residents and neighborhoods to the outdoors and to each other.”

Jones Valley Trail Extension is part of Jefferson County’s growing Red Rock Trail System and follows the completion of a number of popular trails, including Rotary Trail, Kiwanis Vulcan Trail, and the High Ore Line to Red Mountain Park connection, which opened last summer.

“We are seeing more and more momentum and determination to add new trail miles and make new connections across the county,” said Carolyn Buck, Freshwater Land Trust’s Red Rock Trail Director. “Jones Valley Trail is already loved by many and will be accessible to many more after the extension is complete.”

To support Jones Valley Trail Extension, give today or contact our office for more information.

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