Freshwater Land Trust manages over 7,500 acres of land, mak­ing us one of the largest own­ers of pri­vate nature pre­serves in Alabama. With many partners, we’ve pro­tected more than 12,000 acres since 1996. As an accredited land trust, we monitor our properties annually and whenever possible lead restoration projects. Our goal is to promote clean water, healthy ecosystems, and natural beauty in all that we do.

Conservation Services Overview

Every year, we acquire new conservation land in Alabama by:

  • Accepting donations of land and conservation easements from willing landowners
  • Establishing mitigation banks with industry partners
  • Occasionally purchasing conservation land

When assessing potential land, we consider five conservation priorities:

  • Water Quality Protection: Does this land reduce erosion, filter rainwater, or otherwise improve water quality in rivers and streams?
  • Biological Conservation: Does this land contain rare plants or animals?
  • Recreation Potential: Is this land a good candidate for outdoor recreation?
  • Important Connections: Will this land connect existing conservation land and create a larger protected area?
  • Community Priorities: Examples include historical sites, alternative transportation routes, and viewsheds

Are you a landowner interested in conserving your land? We can help.