New Red Rock Trail System Signage

Freshwater Land Trust (FLT) is developing new signage for the Red Rock Trail System (RRTS) to better guide and inform trail users. Coming soon, you will see four different types of signs along the trails:

  • Trailhead and Map Kiosk Sign: Features trail routes, amenity icons, and a map highlighting off-road trails and bike lanes in each corridor. Maps show a one-mile boundary to provide scaling information. These signs also recognize large trail donors eligible for naming rights.
  • Blade Sign: Directs people to significant and recognizable destinations located off the trail. At this time, FLT is working through eligible destinations and will provide further information about wayfinding signage at a later date.
  • Interpretive Sign: Shares information about local flora and fauna, healthy living tips, community initiatives, and local history. Suggestions for historical Interpretive Signs must be submitted to Freshwater Land Trust for approval.
  • Blaze Sign: Provides easily recognizable signage throughout established trails, featuring the trail corridor’s signature color and mile markers along the trail. These signs provide “breadcrumbs” for trail users, while also serving as a locating tool in case of emergency.

For more information about trail signage, please contact Freshwater Land Trust.

Hugh Kaul Trail

Hugh Kaul Trail consists of several trail segments currently in different phases of completion. It begins where the Rotary Trail ends on 1st Ave South and 24th Street and encompasses the existing trail that runs along 1st Avenue South to 34th Street. 

The next section, from 34th Street to Avondale’s 41st Street, is currently under construction and was formerly known as the Jones Valley Trail Extension. Benefitting recreational users, commuters, and businesses situated along the trail’s route, this segment’s construction is a transformational project that will connect downtown Birmingham to Avondale.

It will extend even further, connecting 41st Street to the historic Continental Gin Complex through an additional segment, formerly known as the Continental Gin Connector.

This segment is the final eastern push of the Jones Valley Trail Corridor before branching off towards east Birmingham neighborhoods. Its development will establish a critical tie-in for planned, large-scale projects aimed at creating safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists between downtown Birmingham and Woodlawn, Crestwood, and Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve. 

The entire Hugh Kaul Trail, which is approximately 1.5 miles, is anticipated to be complete by the World Games summer 2022. Once complete, recreational users and commuters will be able to safely travel between Railroad Park and Continental Gin, a 2.75-mile continuous trail linking some of Birmingham’s most popular destinations, including Rotary Trail, Pepper Place, Sloss Furnaces, Avondale, and Continental Gin.

The trail is part of Red Rock Trail System’s Jones Valley Trail corridor that runs through the middle of Birmingham and includes outdoor destinations like Railroad Park, Rotary Trail, Sloss Furnaces, and the Pepper Place Market District. Commuters frequent the existing trail, cycling, running, and walking between Birmingham’s eastern, western, and downtown communities. 

A contribution of over $500,000 from the Hugh Kaul Foundation resulted in the naming rights for this vital trail connection. Many thanks to the Hugh Kaul Foundation for their generous support and dedication to outdoor recreational and community connectivity.

Sunrise Rotary Plaza

On the new Hugh Kaul Trail, the Sunrise Rotary Club is funding the design and installation of a Plaza, which will be a destination site for walking, biking, and picnicking along the Trail. The landscape design is by Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood. The Plaza will be a lovely addition to the Trail and will have a number of beautiful trees to provide both beauty and shade. The most distinctive feature will be a unique outdoor sculpture by renowned artist, Deedee Morrison. The Sunrise Rotary Club’s goal is to have the Plaza in place by the World Games this summer. To learn more, please go to: